Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Want to Study in Astronomy.

When i was ranking, the Choices i really really wish i could've put ever topic at the top of my List. Choosing makes me anxious and I want to get every bit out of this class that i can. I put astrobiology at the tippy top of my list partially  because of my preference to it thanks to a little research project Mrs. Herrold knows all too well about. I also think the very idea of looking for ANY life form other than the ones on this known planet really excites me.The second choice i picked was  telescopes,  because i am taking a liking to Astrophotography.  I just need a telescope first, which i am currently working  on obtaining. This class is going to be  so  meaningful to me because i have  the drive to learn about Astronomy

Five Questions about My Top Choices

  1. What kind of telescopes,Cameras, Lenses, Filters etc.  Are needed to take photos of certain DSOs, Constellations, Stars and Planets?
  2. What kind of environments would have to be present in outer space for life ( at least our definition of life) to be able to survive?
  3. Which Telescopes ( that we can get access to at least) give us the Greatest Magnitude  visible?
  4. Would humans ever  be able to live on other planets ( such as Mars hint hint) given the right  living conditions?
  5. What can we do to get the best view with telescopes in our are with a less than  ideal  sky ( thanks to light pollution
    A Pretty picture of the Andromeda galaxy ( via Nasa)

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