Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Great Worldwide Star Count.

Turn out Friday was the only  clear night we had to participate in the Worldwide Star count. I didn't even realize there wasn't could coverage until I was on the freeway, and I could see the summer triangle at 6:30 or so. Once I was home I went out and matched  the limiting magnitude charts to what I could see in my backyard ( it was a magnitude 4-5 for me, but I  selected the magnitude four to be safe) I found I  was at 42 degrees latitude and -82 degrees longitude and selected the appropriate time when I observed.

 After poking around the results page I found a map the displayed the 2012 results and at the bottom said " 2032 Observations from 31 countries". That's really amazing because of the diversity of the countries that participated but I'm sad to see only 2000 or so people participated. My entry was only 1,249 and that was on the last day at night. I really hop the Star count will continue to collect date from around the world to better understand the light pollution we're surrounded by  in the night. I'm glad I was able to participate in the count though so  my numbers counted as well!


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