Sunday, February 9, 2014

Research Blog Numero Uno


Does anyone read this?  I hope someone will.

I am writing as a sorts of journal for my project:  Gabrielle and i are writing a  research project about  phyllosilciates in the Mawrth Vallis region of Mars. I'm worried we wont get it done but that's not the point of this blog. I intend to  explain our progress as well as our results here on this blog.

Tonight I am drafting a 250 word abstract for  the southeastern Michigan science fair, I feel it is too short and needs more work but i feel if i work out some ideas on here,putting it in the document will be easier.

Not having done this type of abstract is nerve racking for me. I don't like new things all too much. This  condensing and squishing all but the science out of an abstract is foreign  and competing with my formal English training which, as far as the scientific world is concerned, is too embellished. I wrote about 181 words.... I hope to add to it more. I know it'll be edited tomorrow. Good to know it can be improved,as my writing abilities can be a tad dodgy.

living long and prospering i am. I shall write more  when there is more to report.

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