Monday, December 9, 2013

Astronomy Blogs Other than my Own ( or Mrs. Herrold's)

I really really really wish I could simply promo my astronomy buddy's ( Gabs) blog here because it's one I actually read quite frequently and needless to say, we're good friends and I want to support her!

Alas posting a comment doesn't work for me because of my  different blogging platform ( Hums "Why Can't We be Friends") so I decided to sniff around Astro Bob's blog, It sounded really interesting!

LINK ( b/c I  always forget this) :

Dec 9 Post : Titan, a Place to Stretch Your Wings and Fly!

Summary: Titan is a wondrous land that because of it's dense atmosphere ( comprised of 98% nitrogen and  about 1.45 times thicker than the earth's atmosphere) and  weak gravity a human actually fly around on a pair of homemade Wings. Another stunning feature of Titan is the seasonal south polar vortex! Spinning  completely around in 9 hrs ( about 42x faster than the 16 day rotation period of Titan) No one is really sure what causes it, but scientists are claiming it shows open cell convection.  Finally titan is littered with lakes filled with  natural gasses chilled into liquid form ( as the surface temperature of -290 degrees Fahrenheit.

I posted my comment under Jamie L. ( like I always do) and if you use the same link and scroll all the way to the bottom you should see my comment!

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