Sunday, December 15, 2013

UFO's : a Disscussion


This Week we take a turn into controversy : UFOS, which  to some means little green men and to others.... I could fling my tennis shoe in the air and if you didn't see me fling it that would technically be a UFO to other people. Yet  there has been some actual research done upon  UFOs and what we really do know about  these unknown fliers.

On the British UFO Research Association Website I  found a really intriguing page  about decoding and  debunking UFO photos. It shows possible UFO photos but debunks air planes, fakers, birds and even shaky cameramen as the culprits of these " UFO "  sightings  I love the pictures in the "hoax " section : The "Raw" image just shows its a pie plate tin on a stick!

 There were several stories on the page talking about certain images, my absolute favorite being the  nighttime photos of  "advanced flying craft".  People sent in photos to BUFORA  that did have a craft like shape with long arm like appendages and  dancing lasers lights. But  under further inspection ( Making this  the follow up to  many a UFO stories) a shaky hand made the image a blurry blob so   what might have been a foreign craft may also have been a  jumbo jet!

My personal definition of a UFO is  an unidentified flying object, be it intelligent life looking in on us, a forging spy plane or  a lightning bug  flying to high over my head to tell if it's  a piloted craft or not. I'm pretty loosey- goosey about UFOs and what they 'really are'. I believe certain UFOs exist ( foreign military craft especially) but I don't think there's a lot of  aliens checking up on us, mostly because I don't  tend to find us  that interesting, special? yes, but interesting? no.

My sister thinks UFOs  are more of an optical allusion to us and we don't realize what they  truly are. I  truly agree with her on that impromptu testimony

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