Monday, December 23, 2013

Making a name for Myself in the Galaxy ( Actually with glaxies)

Thank god the government shutdown didn't permanently cripple APOD! It's  been a huge help in making this possible!
Behold!  It's a  bit dodgy but if you squint, you can see  My name in the images. The J, the I, and the E are Galaxies and the M and the A are Nebulae!
J: It's an artist interpretation of what will happen when M31 and our Galaxy will eventually collide
A: This is the Cat's Eye Nebula
M: The Snake Nebula in Ophiuchus
I: Irregular Galaxy NGC 55
E: Fireworks Galaxy NGC 6946
Every image was either flipped or rotated to make the exact letter shape.
Lastly, If I had to communicate from someone not from this known earth, I'd prefer to use body motions ( think interpretive dance) or Images, not  any written words, maybe I'd use science, it is pretty universal, but to me pictures sound like the best option. But how do we know they se the same as us? if  they se at all? Maybe  there's  no one out there  who can at this time communicate with us in anyway. We don't have all the answers, but we keep the frequency of  neutral Hydrogen under close watch, just in case anyone wants to drops us a line using the most abundant source in the universe/.

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